1. You are so brave to bare your heart like this Victoria. And I know that weight is also an issue to your health, but it’s so not who you really are!
    I’m glad you went to the party because we can’t wait to enjoy our lives—life is too short!
    I can’t relate to the weight part (now—I have been overweight back in college), but I remember after my skin cancer surgery when I had these awful cuts & stitches on my face—impossible to cover up—that I wondered if I shouldn’t go out in public. But luckily my husband cajoled me to go, and no one laughed and pointed.
    Here’s to you for working hard on being healthy—it’s a great goal, but you are wonderful no matter what size!

    • Adaughter

      Thank you Jodie. I pray for the day that my weight is something in the past. I was an oncology nurse for years and dealing with the scars left is sometimes harder than dealing with the diagnosis, good for your husband for getting you back out there. Just look at it as the scars are part of your life story.

  2. Thank you for this moving post. I grew up in a large family where treats didn’t last long. You ate them quick or someone else did. I’ve had to battle that mentality all my life. Now in my 50s, I feel a shift. I still find it hard to say no, but I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy a smaller portion. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. 😉 Good luck with your journey.

    • Adaughter

      Thank you. Yes as I have aged I have gotten better but there are days I cave. I am not sure everyone realizes how affected someone can be by things that happened in childhood.

  3. I like your attitude of “one small step at a time” – life goes on – do what you can one day at a time!
    As a “stay at home mom” for years, I ate out of boredom, especially once the kids were in school all day. I still do that now!

    • Adaughter

      I did the same thing when I was a stay at home mom. Plus when my husband was out of town homemade fudge and cakes were on the menu every day.

  4. Now that I am in my older years the weight is more about being healthy and keeping my joints and muscles strong. Not so much about looks. Lower blood pressure etc.

    • Adaughter

      I do find my joints feel so much better when I am not partaking of sugar. I am just glad I have no other health issues than arthritis.

    • Adaughter

      Yes a lot of times I eat for no other reason than because something is there. And all special occasions are reasons to eat. lol

  5. What a great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I had two surgeries last year and gained weight during the rest and recovery time. Losing it has been very difficult. ‘Definitely a different ballgame now that I am over 50. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Adaughter

      Yes since I am over 60 it seems to be harder every time I try to lose. Hope your are better after your surgeries.

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