• Adaughter

      Actually we only had 3 or 4 pair that had issues. And they were all local so we exchanged them and everyone was happy. Of course this happened with us before it went live across the nation. lol

  1. Connie Bevino

    I sense that someone is being hateful over a pair of $25 leggings, really, we are all adults here. I always wonder why women can’t be nice to each other! We all go through the same problems for the most part, it doesn’t matter our size. I hope you cleared the air with this post.

  2. I have my own boutique that is not a direct sales sort of thing. I buy directly from wholesalers and resell at retail. I try to be diligent in what I purchase making sure that the quality is good. Sometimes, I end up with really shabby quality in my inventory. It happens to anyone, anywhere. No point really in making a big deal out of bad pair of leggings! Thanks for linking up with me!


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