1. We love cruising and just did a 7 day cruise to New Caledonia and Vanauatu from Brisbane, Australia. We have also booked a cruise from Spain to France, Italy, Sicily and Malta in October and can’t wait. Loved all of your photos Half Moon Bay looks gorgeous.

    • Adaughter

      We love to cruise, but have decided until we get some places we want to go off of our bucket list, we aren’t going to do another for awhile. But my sisters and I already have one planned for Oct. so I will be cruising even if hubby isn’t. lol

  2. I came from Part 2 and just had to find Part 1! Oh that water…. the color is so inviting, even if the temperature wasn’t! ha! But then, I live in the south and its always HOT here so the cool water is what I look forward to.
    You so make me want to cruise again!
    🙂 gwingal

    • Adaughter

      It was a very nice cruise. We went in Jan. to get away from the cold but the cold weather didn’t get here till March. lol O well.

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