1. OMG—-you crack me up Victoria!! That happens to me ALL the time. Do you know what I end up doing anymore for appointments? I set the alarm on my phone. Silly, but otherwise, I get too into everything else!!!!
    So did you end up with any shoes??? That’s the important question!!
    ps…and thanks for the shout out!!

    • Mother

      No Jodie still no shoes. I have two trips coming up where I will be doing a lot of walking but can’t find shoes I like that won’t make my feet hurt. I keep looking. lol

  2. I am in that rabbit hole a lot. I love reading other blogs and FaceBook gets me all the time. Great post. Thank you for linking up with the Blogging Grandmothers Link Party. I have shared your article on social media.

  3. It can happen to the best of us! 🙂 I do most of my writing early morning before I go to work, so I have to manage my time carefully. However, when I pull the computer out in the evening is when I risk going down the rabbit hole. Of course, that’s often how I stumble upon wonderful new blogs! It is important to find a balance though. Good luck!

    • Mother

      Since I am retired so most of my time is my own but I can waste a day without a lot of effort. You are so right though I have found a number of blogs I like to follow when I was down the “hole”. lol

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