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Mother:  I don’t know about you all but I was raised reading and going to the library.  My earliest memory of the library must have been when I was 6 or 7.  Our grandmother lived next door and now that I think about it, I am not sure why just she and I had gone to the library.  We would have had to rode the bus because neither she nor our mother drove.  And both my father and grandfather traveled for work so, even if one or the other of them drove there wouldn’t have been a car.   But back to the library.  We walked up this large sweeping stairway to get into the building,going through the doors and getting that first book smell.  I thought it was the best place in the world. To be able to get any book you wanted and leave with an arm full.  I don’t remember what type of books I got that day, but through the years I know my reading touched on everything.

My mother had most of the original Nancy Drew mystery books and what she didn’t have I found at the library.  I loved Penny Parker and The Hardy Boys, and I am sure there were others that I don’t remember.  I always thought I would grow up to be Nancy or Penny, girl sleuth.  lol  We had apple trees on our property so apples were plentiful at our house, and I can remember laying on my bed a bowl of apples on one side, a bowl for the cores on the other reading to my hearts content. What a way to spend a summer day, right?

When I first got divorced I had moved to a new neighborhood so I had a new library.  It was frustrating  when I applied for my library card at the new place because until they had researched your history you could only check out two books.  It was a Saturday morning and I knew that two books would not get me through the weekend.  Now why I didn’t just drive to my old library I have no idea, but I never thought to do that.

Reading Today

Murder mysteries are my cup of tea, not that I don’t read other types of books, but a good mystery is my favorite.  I like to find a book series that has a main character so I can start at the first book and read the whole series.  If by chance, and this has happened recently, I get book 4 or 5 in a new series, I read that book but will then go back to book 1 and read forward through all of the books.  Right now I am looking for new authors and waiting on my current ones to write something.  It is funny to because some authors have a number of different characters and I don’t always like all of their characters.  Nora Roberts, for instance, writes as J.D.Robb and I like the J.D. Robb books but not so much the Nora Roberts.

Kindle is the best thing, in my opinion, around.  I have two, a paperwhite, because you can read on it in the sun, and a fire just because.   Amazon is holding 336 books for me, some read some not.  I have found deals on books that are part of a series, like book two or three, but am waiting on the first book(s) before I start reading.  My community formed a book club about a year ago and I joined to help me step out of my comfort zone with books.  I have read a number of books that I really enjoyed that were out of my norm, but some were so far out I couldn’t finish them.

What is your favorite reading material?  Do you have a hard time putting what you are reading down to get on with the other things you need to be doing?  This is a problem I have, once I start reading I am done for the day.  lol

Till next time.

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  1. I have always been a book fan, Victoria!! In the summers, my mom used to limit me to a book a day (just call me a nerd..ha ha)
    Since I’ve retired, I love that I was able to join a book club, but I admit that the blogging, has kept me busy enough that I rarely read more than our one book a month!!

    • Mother

      I will get on a kick of reading and when that happens nothing gets done. lol But blogging does cut into my reading time. Thanks for reading Jodie.

  2. Debbie

    I love mysteries with just a little magic an little love story. It has to be funny with no sex. I used to read Christian romance until I realized life just ain’t like that. When I was ten or so I’d read anything I could find some I’m sure not appropriate for me. I had a sister I would hide from in the cellar with a candle to read by. I wonder if she knew I was there? But praise the Lord we are best friends now. Lol.

  3. Oh gosh I LOVE reading and I’m big fan of public libraries. I used to work in one for years – and I have a Master degree in library science, so yeah, it’s a deep love. I think murder mysteries are great.

  4. I love your post.

    When I was a child I didn’t like reading, now I’m a book reviewer.
    I enjoy mysteries, westerns, historical fiction….
    Visiting from Friendship Friday

    • Mother

      Thank you for stopping by. I thought I would like to do book reviews and did try it but stopped for some reason, not sure what the reason was. hhhmm

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