1. I don’t know what house you lived in little lady I can’t ever remember having two pairs of shoes. well not until the gym shoes then we went to Lloyds and got the gym shoes for $2.00. I myself brought mine home to be washed on long breaks Christmas and Easter. But I remember you prided yourself on never bringing yours home. I remember you bragging about it.lol

    • Adaughter

      lol Yes I would fold up my gym suit neatly to so I didn’t have to take it home. lol The teacher started taking points off of my grade by Easter.

    • Adaughter

      What surprises me about these flip flops is how I can wear them to stand or walk and my feet/legs don’t hurt, they are very cushy. Of course if I was on a real walking trip I would wear Clarks or something with more support. lol

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