1. Ruth Sharpe

    I have three sisters and I am closer to two of them. One is a fellow nurse, spanish learning third world country living missionary. (I spent time in Central America as a nurse where she has been in Ecuador) My other sister that I am closer to has a child with a disability (she has four children total) and is the only other sister that is married and home schooled her children. (I am attempting to home school our boys)

    I think your tradition of a trip is so awesome. I would find it hard to get away financially and would also have to find someone to help look after the boys while I would be away. My sister in Ecuador is so far from the rest of us, and I am in Canada while the other two are in Michigan (southern) and northern Indiana, We text each other/Skype but rarely get to see each other. Am so happy for you that you have kept up such a delightful tradition.

    • Adaughter

      There is nothing like sisters. We are so Blessed in this age to have text and Skype to keep in touch. My sisters and I text almost every day, I live in one state and they live in another.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post and being so open about your history. That kind of openness can help so many. I am the youngest of three sisters and am very close with my oldest sister. She often serves as my memory because she is 6 years older than I. It is funny how much I rely on her for that. I often call her “the keeper of my memories”!

    Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge.


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