1. I have to say, Victoria that I’m so glad it’s not just me!!!
    Do you realize we haven’t even cleaned the house in months??? It’s terrible!! And you should see my work station—eeeekkk!!! I’m usually so organized, but I don’t know what’s happened??!!
    At least you’re working out on a regular basis. I can’t even say I’m doing that!! I blame the blogging. LOL!!

    • Adaughter

      We have a pool and I haven’t made it to that in two wks. lol Yes working out is the only thing I seem to get done on a regular basis.

  2. I think you are a bit hard on yourself and I have to ask: do you have to stay up late just because your husband wants to? Surely not, get the sleep you need and the rest of life will be so much better. Flexibility is the key in all parts of life, not just exercise 😉

    • Adaughter

      I wish I didn’t stay up, but if I go on to bed for some crazy reason I won’t do anything but doze till he comes to bed. Flexibility is something I very much need to work on, it doesn’t come easy. lol Thanks for reading.

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