1. I was smiling, and amen-ing, and oh boy don’t I know it, and YES!, and how do they get those great photos???!
    But, still a fashion blog based around socks might just be the next big thing!
    🙂 gwingal

    • Mother

      I guess I could blog about socks and Keds. lol Right now my fashion is so into comfort I don’t think anyone would want to see it. lol

  2. jodie filogomo

    This was quite the giggle producing post, Victoria…because I can relate, relate and relate some more!!
    Although I will say that #1-3 are really reasons that you should fashion blog. We need more variety out there including all shapes, sizes and styles!!!!
    Just sayin….
    PS…Sunglasses are the answer to #5. Sunglasses and lipstick is a cure all for that issue…..

    • Mother

      Thanks Jodie sunglasses, and lipstick is my go-to on days I have to run to the store but don’t want to put makeup on. At some point, daughter and I might have to rethink the blog but not right now. lol

  3. Aconda

    What is a fashion blogger anyway? Isn’t that a person who tells everyone else what they should be wearing and what is in style? We have our own style and I think for the most part we look pretty good- that is when we try. I don’t always agree with what is in “style” anyway. Have you taken a look at cosmo or one of the “style” magazines at the ridiculous looking non functional outfits that are pictured? Also not to mention the prices! You’re correct stick with Macy’s and your own style but choose your socks wisely!

  4. Love this! I do want to share more “fashion” type of posts, but I’ll never be a fashion blogger. I’m not really the size/shape where a lot of things look good, so that’s difficult!


    • Mother

      That is wonderful. It is good that there are folks who enjoy fashion blogging. The short time we tried it just wore me out. lol

    • Mother

      We have never thought about blogging about food though we did do some recipes at one time. Fashion is fun but nothing we want to write about. Thanks for reading.

  5. I can relate to many of your points, but I’m going to focus on the bare legs versus hose issue. It seems that no one wears sheer hose anymore, which presents a problem for me wearing dresses in the winter, unless boots and tights are appropriate with said dress. The problem is even creeping into the warmer weather for me as I get older. Thanks to regular exercise and genetics, my legs are long and (mostly) toned, but my skin isn’t as nice as it once was, and don’t get me started on what’s happening with my knees. Who even knew that would be a concern?

    • Mother

      I am 67 and I never knew knees could look like mine. lol And I did an hour spin class three times a week for almost two years and nothing about my legs changed, you would have thought something would have firmed up or trimmed down. lol

  6. LOL!! This was a great post and glad to have found it on Shelbee’s Link Up. I blog about anything and everything but you hit home on a couple of these instances.
    The photos. I am the $hittiest photographer in blogdom. Seriously. My selfie stick barely cooperates. And I’m thinking–how can these bloggers afford professional photographers?
    But the socks. I don’t wear them. Only with boots. And that’s high boots. I barefoot it all year. I’m that one with the fake tan in the middle of January bare-legged and with heels. Panty hose is just a Petri dish in your drawers!
    Seriously. Nice post thanking you for giving me a chuckle!!!

    • Mother

      The photos are one of the hardest. I am like you how can these folks afford a professional? I bought a camera that I could hook to my laptop but then couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading.

  7. Mother, I am back to tell you that I have selected your “not fashion bloggers” post as one of my features for the next OVER THE MOON LInk Party which goes live on Sunday 6pm Eastern. Please stop by and take a look!
    🙂 gwingal

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