Man vs Woman or Simply Me vs Him?


Daughter:  Man vs Woman, Woman vs Man, the age long struggle is STILL very real!!  The point of this post is to get some definite feedback.  Though the struggle I’m getting ready to share may not be yours, please feel free to share your struggle in the comments.  Please, I need to know!!  I’m hoping to pull a “Neener Neener, I told ya so” on my husband!  But if not, I shall have my crow with a side of sweet potato fries!

Dear Husband was driving my “swagon” (I refuse to use the term mini-van) the other day.  Two miles from the house, low and behold, the LOW FUEL LIGHT CAME ON!!!  ACKKKKK!!! “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!”  I don’t even want to look in dear husband’s direction for I know my eyes will come face to face with……”The Stink Eye”!!!  When ever he is driving and I hear that ding I know it’s coming….oy vey.  This is an ongoing disagreement between the two of us.  He swears it is a Man vs Woman issue, I think it’s just a Me vs Him issue.

In his opinion, if the low fuel light comes on I have failed and failed BIG! How dare I let the swagon get that low on fuel!!  Did I mention he swears that the low fuel light only goes off on him so that he is the one that has to stop and fill it up.  And mind you, he might drive my swagon a whopping one time a week on average!  Just like each and every time this discussion arises I state my perspective on the issue.  The low fuel light is a courteous reminder from my beloved swagon prompting me to refuel at my earliest convenience. (insert batting eyelashes here)  After all, I still have 30+ miles after the light goes off, right?! I try to explain to my dear husband that unlike him I do not frequent gas station/convenience stores.  His job requires him to be on the road and he always has to have a beverage in hand at all times.  The only time I am at a gas station is to fuel my swagon.  Or maybe to treat the girls to an occasional Slurpie!  Too, when I do stop to fill up I like to do it where I know I’ll get the most bang for my buck.  I’m totally aware of what parts of town have the cheapest gas and I like to stop at places where I get discounts and that have reward systems in place.  I will even go as far as to arrange my schedule to be in those areas when the fuel gauge alerts me it will need more fuel soon.  This drives him even more batty, the fact that I don’t stop immediately when the light comes on!!  LOL

Besides, I’ve got more important things to think about other than the gas gauge of my swagon, especially since it will tell me when it needs fuel!  I’m busy running through our family of 5’s daily schedule, who needs to be where and what time, what my work hours are and if I need to make arrangements to have someone picked up or dropped off, what’s for dinner, what laundry needs done that day, what phones calls and emails need to be taken care of, who has what appointments and again do they conflict with my work schedule.  In a nut shell, why should I give my swagon’s fuel gauge any thought until it makes me aware that it’s low??





Mother:  I laugh because fuel isn’t what I get “the look” for, I get it over electronics.  I took a computer class in college ump-teen years ago and almost failed.  It is a joke now because I have my lap top, my IPad, two Kindles, a smart watch and a smart phone and can use them fairly well as long as they don’t have a problem, but if something happens unexpectedly and I have to ask dear husband for help, o my gosh do I get “the look”!  For some reason every time I run the cleaner on my computer I lose my tool bar.  I have finally learned how to get it back but it has taken numerous teaching moments.  Now for some reason the last time I cleaned my lap top I lost my buttons for Pinterest, Amazon, and Ebates.   Husband heard me talking to daughter about it and I got “the look”.  As soon as I got off the phone I hear, “What is wrong with your computer this time?”.

I am a smart lady, why does my phone and every other piece of electronic equipment try to defeat me?  I was trying to take a picture of something yesterday and send it to daughter.  Finally, dear husband comes over, takes the phone, takes the picture and sends it.  He looks at me and says, “Now did you see what I did?”.  Yes, I saw what he did, but, it doesn’t mean I will be able to repeat it the next time the need arises.   I do have to say in my own defense, I no longer smack my mouse on the table when my computer isn’t doing what I want it to!

I think each person in a relationship has that one thing that dances on a nerve.  Maybe it is Man vs Woman and the whole different thought process.  I heard a woman the other day complaining about a gentleman that was running for office.  She said he was sexist because he was speaking “man speak”.  I am not real sure what “man speak” is, but it is reasonable to think that if there is such a thing there must be “woman speak” also.

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