I am a Purse Snob


Mother: I don’t know when it happened, it came outta no where.  You know, that thrill of excitement when it first catches your eye from across the way.  Whether it’s on someone’s shoulder or hanging in a store, somehow it just finds you! That “high” is how I became a purse snob.

Back in the day when I was raising my children and was a stay at home mom, my purse was just something to put my wallet in. Even when I did go out into the working-woman-world my purse was just something to match my shoes. We did that matchy-matchy thing years ago, you know, in the olden days!  When daughter ask for a Liz Claiborne handbag for her birthday one year it was a big deal! Wow, the prices were unbelievable, like fifty dollars!  Little did I know, that at some point in my life, I would spend ten times that amount on a purse!

I have never gotten to the Louis Vuitton, or the Ferragamo bags, I didn’t want to have to sell an organ.  But, talk Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke and you are talking my talk!  My first designer bag was a Coach, everyone was carrying Coach!  All of my friends carried Coach and some even had Coach wallets.  For some reason, maybe too many knock offs, Coach went out of style.  Enter Kate Spade, I love her bags! If I couldn’t find a good sale I would head to Ebay.  But you have to watch for those knock offs on Ebay, so back to sales and outlet stores I went.

One year at Christmas, I found a Michael Kors online store.  I was in heaven!!  I had never seen outlet prices as low as they were on this site!  Everyone on my Christmas list was getting Michael Kors handbags!!  And wallets to match!!  I am a smart lady, it looked like a legitimate site . I thought otherwise when I got a call from my bank asking about a large purchase made in China.  China!! I hadn’t been to China!!   My bank stopped the payment thankfully and I assumed that would cancel the order.  But guess what… It didn’t!   I got my bags and wallets!  Being the honest woman I am, I tried emailing the company to inform them of their mistake.  While searching the site for their email address, I realized they had a yahoo email.  Can you say “red flag”?!   If only I had searched the site a little better to start with I would have found this out.  Needless to say, I never got a reply from them so I kept said purses.

Now in my own humble opinion these were the worst knock-offs I had ever seen!  There was no way in H-E- Double hockey sticks that I was giving these to anyone as Christmas gifts….I do have a reputation to up hold, ya know!  After showing my sisters how awful they were, my one sister fell in love with one of them!  She carries her Michael Kors everywhere!!  People on the street stop her to tell her how beautiful it is and want to know where she got it!! I think it looks like a fake but who am I to go against public opinion.

I simply love my handbags!  I thought that once I retired I wouldn’t care what type of bag I carried but that has not been the case. The difference now is I have more time to look for a good bargain!

Daughter:  I still remember visiting the Mezzanine at our local department store back in high school.  That’s where they displayed their designer handbags!  To this day I still have no idea what other brands they carried other than Liz Claiborne.  In my mind it just didn’t matter, Liz Claiborne had hung the moon as far as I was concerned! And that’s where it all began!

I have to admit it….I have a problem……a very difficult problem.  I love handbags but I have an issue committing to a handbag.  One would think that at some time through out my life a handbag had treated me poorly in some way, but that’s not the case at all.  It is very rare that I see a handbag and buy it up immediately.  I have to think about it……and think……and think some more.  Then I have to “try it on”, again, again, and again.  There’s lots of consideration that I put into purchasing a handbag.  Like, will I carry this forever, can I carry it with the majority of colors in my closet, on and on I go.  I know your screaming, “It’s a flipping handbag!!”  I drive my mom and my girls crazy when I’m shopping for a new handbag.  But the way I see it, if it doesn’t take my breath away at first site and I have to think about it, it just isn’t the one for me……sigh.



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