1. jodie filogomo

    Finding bras that fit is a struggle for all of us no matter what size. That is if you want something that really fits well. I can’t believe you found such a great deal on those in the past. I rarely find any for under $100 because not many stores carry a 32 band.
    I have tried Third Love and I actually like the bra I got. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a good one.

  2. Oh, I feel you. I hate trying to find bras that fit. I tend to get some that are a little off but they aren’t too bad. It’s probably time for me to get new ones…I tend to go to Lane Bryant too. Sorry they aren’t working quite as well as they used to! I’d say maybe Victoria’s Secret (my mom and sister go there) or Torrid; I’ve thought of using them before. I’m sure Torrid would be pretty expensive, but you can try on in store and see!

    • Mother

      I never care anymore how much they cost if they just fit. I have wasted so much money by trying on thinking they work buying them then once I get home, wash and wear and the straps won’t stay up or the back band rolls. Lots of wasted money. lol

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