Simple DIY Sea Glass


Mother: Let me say right up front a DIY’er I am not.  I like the thought of being one and I can pin with the best from Pinterest but most of the time it stops right there.  But, I saw at the blog The Home Spun, how to make sea glass and thought this was something I could do.

It is all very simple.  You mix Elmer’s glue with food coloring till you get the shade you want.


Now this color looked about right, though once the project was done it was a little greener than I would have liked, but I am getting ahead of myself.  A number of things I would do different if I do this project again.  First, I would use a throw-away bowl.  In my opinion it is too much work to try and get this mess out of a bowl I want to keep.  Second, I would have a throw-away stick of some sort to mix with.  I made the mistake of stirring with my sponge applicator and this didn’t work well.  I had poured the glue into the bowl then a couple of drops of food coloring, some of the food coloring got on the sponge part when I stirred and I never got it off so it left a green streak on my glass.  Know that you are probably not going to need as much of the glue mixture as you think you do.  I could pretty much coat every piece of clear glass I have in my house with the amount I have leftover.  P1020973

I did both the inside and outside of my glass.  I knew I was putting dried flowers in so I wouldn’t be putting in water.


The containers do look very streaky as you are doing them.  I put a couple of coats of the glue mixture on mine waiting an hour or so between.  The picture below makes them look a little more blue than they actually are.


This is the finished product.  The finished product is still somewhat streaky.   But, all in all I am very happy with my DIY.

I wish I had taken a picture of them with the flowers but since I am new at this DIY stuff and taking and downloading pictures, I am pretty happy with what I did get done.  And daughter is very happy with her new flowers for the mantle.



Daughter:  I am absolutely in love with these!  My family room is decorated with a beachy theme during the summer so these are simply perfect!  And I especially love love love gifts that are “home made”!  I think it is a wonderful sentiment when someone takes time out of their busy schedule to actually make something!  For my birthday I tell my girls that they cannot buy me anything, they have to make me something out of whatever they can pull together around the house.  Since we have a playroom full of craft stuff, it’s not too difficult to find supplies.  I think it challenges them to think outside the box plus it gives me one-of-a-kind gifts that always have a story behind them.

There is a funny story between mother and I and crafting.  Years ago I was very excited that I had decided to make her a present!  Soo excited that I even told her, “I’m making your present!”.  Her reply was, “You’re making something? But you can’t do anything?”  I guess she could tell by my expression that was not the response I was hoping for, lol.  But I knew exactly what she meant.  Mother always sewed and crocheted, two things I could never get the hang of, so she was confused that I would be “making” her something, lol.  I made her a wreath for her living room wall.  Looking back I’m sure it wasn’t the best looking thing in the world but it was made with lots of love.  Of course when mother mentioned to me she was making me a Mother’s Day gift my reply was, “You can’t do anything!”  Then we both broke out in hysterical laughter!



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