Who knew……Wrong Cup Spoils the Day


Mother:  On Facebook, I saw a meme that said “Before becoming a parent, I didn’t know you could ruin someones day by giving them the wrong colored cup.”  I laughed out loud when I read this because I thought my kids were the only ones that cared what the color their glass, cup, plate or what ever was.

I had gotten two sets of cups and bowls from some sort of sale our school was having.  One set, if I remember correctly, was yellow and one was blue.  The bowl and cup both had little feet and a face on the side, they were called the footie bowl and the footie cup at our house!!  lol   I could never remember which kid got which color, they had chosen colors as soon as the sets came.  Needless to say, every time, I gave the wrong color to the wrong kid.  Like the OJ tasted different depending on the color of the cup.

My kids had to spend time at my sisters house and I should have sent the footie bowls and cups.  It would have saved my sister angst.   She had one red bowl and both of my kids wanted it! And of course, as soon as mine started squabbling over it, her kids wanted it too!  She called me and wanted to know what in the world were my kids deal arguing over what color bowl their cereal was in?  lol  I had no good answer, who knows why kids do and say what they do.

I have heard of kids who had a favorite shirt, or socks, or whatever and if the item(s) weren’t clean or ready they couldn’t make it through the day.  Well my kids only had their footie bowls and cups to get their day going.  I would bet a visit to my ex-husbands’ kitchen would produce at least one footie item.  Maybe it is time to pass them on to the great-grandkids!  lol


Daughter:  O how I remember those days!  Waking up in the morning to find my big brother eating cereal out of MY footie bowl!!  And of course he knew he wouldn’t get the reaction he was after out of me if he were to tell mom she gave him the wrong bowl!!  Now, to his defense, I wasn’t the easiest lil sister to get along with.  I tortured him just as much as he tortured me!  I guess you could say we had a love/hate relationship.  I have no idea how it even started, it’s just how we were.

Now my three girls never acted like this, at least not over eating utensils and such.  I remember having lunch with my dad one afternoon when I only had the first two and they were 2 and 3 years old.  He turned me and said, “What in the world is wrong with your kids?”.  I looked at him puzzled and asked what he meant.  He was confused because my girls would sit at the table, patiently wait for their food, then just chit-chat with each other while eating.  He said, “I’ve never seen kids just sit there and be good, I bet you can take them anywhere?!”  I just nodded my head and said, “Yes, I sure can take them anywhere!”.

The one thing that causes a big hoop-la in our house is when everyone wants to talk at once.  Of course each one of the girls thinks what they have to say is more important than what the others have to say.  And the poor lil baby, well, everyone always interrupts her, lol.  She’ll be right in the middle of a story and her sister will turn the conversation.  It’s gotten to the point that we now have what we refer to as……THE TALKING FORK!  (insert echoing sound here)  If you do not have the talking fork in your possession you are not allowed to speak.  Now of course this hasn’t put a total end to all interruptions but it has helped.  We are a loud family, ask anyone!  I constantly refer to us as a traveling circus!  But we do have fun where ever we are and that’s what’s most important to me!

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