• Mother

      This part of Fl is in the panhandle and it usually isn’t this cold. No surfers or bikini’s but still very pretty.

  1. I live right outside Cincinnati so I know what you mean about gray skies, so much cold, and lots of snow. That’s what I’m dealing with now! Sorry Florida is a bit cold, but true…no snow! 🙂


    • Mother

      You are so right Cincinnati isn’t much different than Columbus. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Fl and did reach 30 though I heard it was 9 in Columbus.

  2. That’s just too bad! It seems to be crazy weather everywhere. But, I’ve honestly tried to embrace it this year. Summer will be here soon enough and we’ll be complaining about thigh chaffing and boob sweat… well, maybe that’s just me. 😉

    • Mother

      You are so right summer will be here soon, and I have the boop sweat daughter has the thigh chaffing. lol If it isn’t one thing it is another right?? lol

    • Mother

      I so agree about water and beaches. I feel so relaxed sitting by the water and watching the waves even if it is from the 11th-floor balcony of our condo.

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