1. Of course I know it’s a dress, but I can see your husband’s point of view also.
    I suppose part of the issue could be the shoes—since you’re wearing flip flops and they don’t cover the foot as much, your feet almost look naked? I know the post of Jennie’s you’re talking about and she had on more of a gladiator sandals which covered her foot more. Did you try the dress with a different shoe?
    And I know there are buttons down the front, but without any jewelry, it’s not as out of the house ready? I know it’s been hot out, but a long necklace isn’t too heavy. Personally I love the neck scarves or chokers —but it depends on the weather!!
    You should try a couple different options and show us again!!

    • Adaughter

      Jodie thank you for your comments, I agree shoes and jewelry will greatly change the look. I do get lazy sometimes. lol

  2. Haha – when I was reading this I definitely could identify! My dress that is very similar to yours also has nightgown-ish qualities, which is one reason I made sure to accessorize in a way to make it clear I was indeed wearing a dress. I love the details of your dress – the tassels, hi-lo hemline and bits of lace! Thank you very much for the mention. 🙂

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