1. Oh Victoria I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You are right in saying it is different when you are experiencing things yourself. At least he has you who has knowledge of working with patients with this horrible disease. I feel for you and of course words don’t really help much. Just know that my thoughts are with you both and I’m sure you will both fight this together. Thank you for sharing your story with us at Midlife Share the Love Party. I’m sending you a huge hug and remember to look after yourself so that you can look after him. #MSTL

    • Mother

      Thank you so much, Sue. It is very much a learning experience from this side but I at least know the correct people to see and talk with.

  2. Sending love and healing thoughts your way, Victoria. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you and your husband all the best.

  3. What devastating news for you Victoria. I think we all dread hearing a diagnosis like this – and it’s even harder when it’s the person you love most in the world who has to go through it. At least you have the resources and knowledge to fall back on and God to rest in. We were never promised a life without difficulty but it’s still a difficult and tough path to have to walk. I hope you keep linking with us at #MLSTL because I want to follow your journey and I know that God will see you through it. x

    • Mother

      When my husband started saying he had a burning in his stomach we thought ulcer the diagnosis was a surprise. I don’t want to overwhelm with our journey but I will be blogging about the journey.

  4. Oh I am sorry to read this news. The first weeks I knew I had cancer (May 2017) I was in shock and spent a lot of my time trying to console others when I told them my news. It is a time of grief. I never asked WHY? I did ask “why not?” as cancer is so common.

    My particular one was out of the blue and I had absolutely NO risk factors but I got it.

    I won’t say more. I do know that it did help to share. I also know it helped me to do ‘normal other stuff’ as much as I could. But the 7 weeks of waiting till I had my surgery was hard.

    On my blog, if you have the time or interest, I have a section at the top called Denyse & Her Cancer Story. I include my posts there. Blogging was/is the best way for me to ‘talk’ and connect. Each person does the cancer journey in his or her own way. There are no rules.

    Take care…Denyse x

    • Mother

      Denyse I will stop by and read your story. It is as you say a different trip for everyone. Right now we are waiting to see the oncologist and it is three weeks away, it seems forever.

  5. I really feel for you and your family. It must be so hard being experienced in this area and now having to deal with it on a personal level. Look after yourself as best you can.

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