• Mother

      I proved that even 3 months didn’t make it a habit. lol I also struggle with shopping, and I also need nothing. Thanks Jodie

  1. “Maybe the penalty for not changing has to be so great that it is easier to change then not.” <<<I think that right there hits the nail on the head. I am constantly trying to form better habits. Eating right, meditating every day, working out every day, and on and on…but I always seem to start strong and then revert right back to my old ways once I've completed my "challenge". We always go back to our comfort zones if given a chance!

    • Mother

      You are so right we do always seem to go back to our comfort zone. I also start out strong but find it hard to make a new habit. Thank you for reading.

  2. I hear you it’s so hard to be intentional about forming good habits. I think you just have to do things as you think of them and not allow yourself to not complete the task you’ve set out to complete. It’s super hard though. Although I have heard that the Power of Habit is a great book!

  3. Why is it “bad” habits seem to stick easier than “good” habits? Let me stop for an iced latte on the way to work a couple of days in a row, and now it’s part of my morning routine. My car pulls into the drive-up almost on its own volition. Exercise after work every day for two years, and I still have to psyche myself up for it most days. Thanks for sharing this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    • Mother

      Christie you are so right, I can form a habit that isn’t good for me so much faster then I do anything else. I drink bottled green tea and I did everyday for months till I forgot to put some in the refrigerator, now it has been two months since I last had one and I have a flat of 48. lol Crazy. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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