1. Debbie

    That’s so funny Vickie because I haven’t gotten to that stage in retirement. Don’t know if I ever will. Having no make- up and “not fixing my hair” reminds me of my days of being poor and I don’t like that feeling. So continue doing what I do which is what makes me comfortable until I get The stage of my retirement that I feel comfortable doing what you do

    • Mother

      I did comment today when we ran to the store that I was looking old with no makeup but I did have my sunglasses and lipstick. lol

  2. jodie filogomo

    Imagine my surprise when I see my name in your post, Victoria!! But it is SO liberating, isn’t it??
    I could have almost written this post from my life too. Gosh, I remember going to aerobic classes at 6 am. Now, my favorite thing is getting up without an alarm (the cat crying doesn’t count as an alarm, although she can be just as annoying some days…ha ha)
    And today was one of those loungewear days (without the shower)…..I did put a scarf on though because a friend was dropping by for a sec, LOL!
    Lately I’ve been calling it evolving….everything evolves depending on our life at the moment and our needs.
    Now if I could only get my shopping addiction to evolve to making money….ha ha!!

    • Mother

      I have to say I like the freedom to do what I want when I want. Yes if I could only turn something I do into a moneymaker it would be nice. lol

  3. I laughed when I read about going to the store with no makeup. Ten years ago no way not ever, twenty years ago the makeup was on before anyone ever saw me lol. Now if I am home enjoying a day of just coconut oil I simply don’t care if I have to go run an errand.

    I too have learned………… Loved the read.

  4. I think it’s great you’re finding a new normal and not worrying so much about looks or what people might think. I’ve never been much of a makeup person, but certain places do make me nervous wondering “Will I see someone I know?” haha


  5. Aconda

    I agree, no makeup but you forgot to mention a hat. When you see me at the grocery store, I’m the one in the Sunglasses, lip stick and a Nike hat. Lipstick is easier than mascara.

  6. You had me at the opening quote….and at the final quote as well!
    I agree (and celebrate) that our priorities change as we get older (says she in her yoga pants, Sketchers…and make-up-free face)!

    • Mother

      Retirement for me has been so great and I have not regretted it a day. Sometimes things can get a little boring but I can every day is a new day to change things up.

  7. You hit on the head in your last two sentences – being happy and living the life you choose. It isn’t always easy to live as you want especially if you are concerned about what other people think. I used to wear makeup to the shops but like you I’m finding now that I don’t and it doesn’t bother me. I’m more interested in being a better person inside and enjoying life. BTW Mascara is my problem too! Everytime I wear it lately my eyes become itchy! Thanks so much for sharing a little inspiration on being happy with ourselves and joining us at #MSTL #midlifesharethelove party.

    • Mother

      Thank you Sue. That is what mascara does to my eyes. It took forever to find one that didn’t make my eyes itch then the one that doesn’t is hard to get off and I always lose some lashes in the process of removing the mascara.

  8. You are so right! I’m still working a couple of days a week – those are my get up early and get dressed and put on makeup days – the rest are much more cruisy – late mornings, no makeup, yoga pants and a tee shirt. I love the freedom that comes with this age and stage – all I have to do is figure out how to keep the waistline under control and I’m good to go! Disclosure: I have received no payment or inducement for this post and my views and thoughts are my own.Thanks for sharing this at our #MLSTL party, I’ve shared it on my social media and I hope you’ll enjoy commenting on and sharing some of the other linked posts.

    • Mother

      Thank you Leanne. I so agree easy is the way I go now but that waistline can be an issue. Right now I am not doing much about my weight but will return to real life. lol We have been in Fl for the winter.

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