1. Debbie

    New York is a place I’ve never wanted to vist. I hate to wait in line and as anyone who knows me know I Hate to shop. I’ve been assured by my sisters there is more to do than shop. But still I have no desire to go there . So unless my sisters just insist I will probably never go there you could never drag my husband there.

  2. My daughter uses Airbnb also and loves it! I think it is great if you have a larger group (ie. family) going on a trip.
    My Mr. & I are trying to plan a trip and NY is a possibility. I am sure it is awesome at Christmas.
    🙂 gwingal

    • Mother

      It was my first with Airbnb but will defiantly do it again. If you decide to go to NYC you will enjoy it, great place to visit.

  3. That’s scary you were in NY when the bombing occurred, but glad you were alright. I’ve been to NYC before but I really hope to go again soon – always so much to see and do. Plus, my mom would LOVE to visit around the holidays so hopefully that will happen in the future.

    • Mother

      We had been there before but it was so different at Christmas. Our husbands at home were more upset about the bombing I think than we were.

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