3 Effective Ways to Annoy Your Kids

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Daughter:  I learned a long time ago that keeping a good sense of humor is vital to being a good mom!  Not only does it help relieve stress levels, it also keeps your kiddos on their toes, hehehe!  Nothing can keep your kids in “check” better than a spontaneous unpredictable mom!  What I find very interesting is that my kids always accuse me of not being spontaneous, but when I decide to be spontaneous it’s met with eye rolls and “gawd mom” comments.  But I don’t let that stop me!  I grew my young-in’s in my belly and gave them life!  I stake my claim on the right to embarrass them when and where I deem fit!  Now of course, they have to be of a certain age in order to get the correct response.  The perfect age is upper primary to middle school age, it’s the best!  Any younger or any older and they just join right in with the excitement, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn’t produce the same effect.

So, without further ado, here are my 3 most effective ways to annoy/embarrass my kids!

#3  Passionately Singing 70’s & 80’s songs in the car, especially at stop lights!  Now this technique works best in the warmer months when you are driving with the windows down!  What annoys them the most is the fact that they have no idea who the singer is the majority of the time, much less the lyrics.  Usually this only works with the kid that is sitting up front with me.  Generally, the ones sitting in the back are plugged into their own music device.  But, hey sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.

#2  Using Outdated Lingo!  I can get an eye roll the quickest when I start talking about how “dope”, “scandalous” or “bogus” something is.  My personal favorites are “da bomb” or “as if” using my best Cher voice from Clueless.  Another take on this one is to question the usage of some of their current new hip lingo.  I remember when my kids first started using “ship” and how they “shipped” two certain people.  Naturally, I played dumb while they did their best to explain it to me.  Or maybe I wasn’t actually playing dumb, I just thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard!! Which ever, it annoyed them to no end that I did not understand it!  Hehehehe, one point for me!

#1  Spontaneous Dancing in Public!  This one is my most favorite!!  In this day where flash mobs are big, nothing gets more attention than one single person pulling out their all-time favorite move and dancing to the music in their head!  I do have to say the running man was my go-to move and it always received the most attention.  Plus, it was the easiest to break in to at the drop of a hat.  Now, once whipping the nae nae hit the scene, I had found a new favorite!  This one would send my girls running for cover!  O the joys of motherhood!

As my girls are getting older it takes a lot more effort to get a reaction out of them.  Now, most of the time they just laugh and walk off in the other direction.  But, hey, that’s okay, I like to think of it as a way to challenge myself to come up with new and better ways to get the reactions I’m after.  If nothing else, they make for great stories to sit around and reminisce about while they talk about how crazy their mother is!  Another point for me!

Mother: What is funny to me is how the girls could get so embarrassed/annoyed by their mother but back when they were in their strollers I use to sing and dance all the time with them, they thought it was fun.  Of course they also slept and showered with me to.  lol

I have always sang and danced when I hear music so now I embarrass my husband.  lol Now, now cool it he says, I roll my eyes at him.

I did embarrass daughter once over music.  She and a friend were in the car with me and I was playing a Jimmy Buffett tape, yes it was a long time ago. lol I was singing along and the song ” Why Don’t We Get Drunk” came on and of course I was singing at the top of my lungs,  I didn’t even realize the words until I looked in my review mirror and saw their faces!!  Daughter was pretty embarrassed. lol  What was funny to me was I had played and sang along with that tape for weeks and never gave the song a thought.  I did hear about it when we got home.

I am a hugger, a kisser, a hand holder, a singer and a dancer so I am sure at points I have embarrassed and annoyed both my kids and my grand kids but they will get over.  lol  And, I am young enough that my great grand kids are going to have all the pleasures of Nana’s antics to.


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