• Adaughter

      Thank you Jodie, I love the color of this dress. Katie said the same thing about the pictures but there was no way I was putting them out there for the world to see, some of the crazy ways I was holding my hands looked abnormal, not sure what my deal was.lol

  1. Beautiful dress! I hate when my pictures are all goofy and I don’t discover it until after I have changed into my pajamas for the night. So now I try to at least briefly scroll through the photos immediately just to make sure that my bra strap isn’t showing or my necklace isn’t stuck awkwardly on my boob!

    Congrats and good luck on your new venture into Lularoe Consulting!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again next week. Have a fabulous week!


    • Adaughter

      I had settled in for the night and in my pj’s when I looked at the pictures. lol And my husband takes my pics for me right now and he wasn’t real happy about having to move. lol

  2. Debbie

    I love the purple dress. I wish it were just a little longer. As you know I don’t show my knees and I’m taller than you.

  3. We have all had one of those days! That’s why I usually stay behind the camera. Although I think the pictures actually came out great. The dress looks really pretty an it is a great color on you. Congrats on becoming a LuLaRue Consultant I have friends who have entered the business and they are really enjoying themselves and have great products to offer. Best of luck in your new venture.

    • Adaughter

      Thank you so much for commenting. Daughter and I are really excited about our new venture and are waiting for our inventory.

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