1. I think the reason this cracks me up is there is so much truth to it!!
    My husband asks the same thing about dinner—except that now I have him help me plan it for the week. Then I don’t get the question and he gets what he wants!!
    I thought I’d sleep in too—but I find I need to get up and going otherwise I’m a sloth all day!
    Truly —it is different than the plan!

  2. Ha ha! How I loved to read this! It is all so true. Living with your retired husband can sometimes drive you around the bend. We both retain our independent interests thank God. However I do get questioned over the amount of time I spend on my laptop blogging and reading other blogs. As for the question “what’s for dinner”? I get that one too everyday like clockwork! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Adaughter

      I had kind of let the blog slide for awhile when hubby first retired due to the questions about all my computer time, but now I am back at it. lol And thank goodness golf season starts soon for him.

    • Adaughter

      I agree space and time alone are very important to me also. This retirement is very much a work in progress. lol

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