Review of Two New, to me, Products and One Old

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Let me put a disclaimer out there,  we are an affiliate of Amazon and if you purchase from there we make money.  I don’t know how much and it does not affect the price of what ever product you purchase. I have not been paid to write these reviews, these are my own thoughts, good, bad or indifferent.

I was a big sun worshiper back in the day and you can really tell by looking at my chest.  Well I should say you use to be able to tell, not so much now.  This stuff is great, I love it.  I put it on my chest every morning after my shower and I can’t believe the difference it has made.  It hydrates by drawing in moisture to improve the skins texture.  It also has salicylic acid to exfoliate. The directions say to apply twice a day but I have only been using it once a day for the last month and I can tell a major change in the look and texture of my chest.  It is not greasy and has no odor.  Gold Bond Chest and Neck Firming Cream really does help with those lines that come on my chest from too much sun and not enough moisturizer.  The lines in the middle of my chest are much less noticeable when I get up in the mornings.  I didn’t think to take pictures and I am sorry about that.


The next product is Shea Moisture Co Wash.  I had never heard of co washing your hair until last week.  When I sign in to my Yahoo email the first page is all kinds of news, news about anything you can think of, and one of the things was a person talking about how nice her hair was since she had started co washing.  Then I am reading blogs, and on she had a posting about co washing.  Seeing the same type of  posts twice in one day means it is something I have to try.  I have dry hair from lots of processing.  I am a blonde, not by nature but by hairdresser.  lol  Plus I spin 4 times a week so my hair gets washed a lot.  I love this stuff.  My hair is so nice and manageable, plus it shines and looks so healthy.  I was concerned the first time I used my Co Wash as to maybe my hair being oily, like it use to get “back in the day” when you didn’t get all of the conditioner rinsed out, no problem, I haven’t had this happen.  And on days I am not going to the gym I don’t have to wash my hair.  I get up and run a comb through my hair and it is as nice, bouncy and shiny as it was the day I co washed.   Morgan had said that Herbal Essences is what she uses, it is their coconut conditioner, but I couldn’t find it so I went with the Shea Moisture.  The Shea costs a little more and if I can ever find the Herbal Essences I will give it a try.  The thought is that shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils and that conditioner does have cleaning properties in it so it leaves your hair clean and conditioned.

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Another product that I have been using for a year or better is Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream.  A lady was on Fox and Friends one weekend demoing products and the Andalou Cream was one of them.  I am always looking for a good night cream and found it in this product.  According to the package this is:

  • For dry and sensitive skin
  • Designed with regenerating fruit stem cell science for visible age defying results
  • Stimulates circulation, slows cellular damage and speeds healthy cell renewal
  • Improves dermal texture, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles overnight for smooth, ageless beauty
  • Formerly known as our Fruit Stem Cell Night Repair Cream
I am a left sided sleeper so I seem to have a lot of dryness on the left side of my face.  When I get up in the mornings my face feels soft and has no dry or wrinkled areas, which I have had a problem with before.  This night cream is so rich and creamy and absorbs very nicely.
Like I said before these are my thoughts and opinions and no money was exchanged for them.




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  1. The Shea Moisture Co-wash is a hair product I would love to try. With the summer coming, this should help keep my hair moisturized. #ProductReviewParty


      I think you would really like it. I love how soft and shiny my hair is and it feels so nice. My hair can get pretty dry from all of the processing.

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