What are my Clothes Saying?

Dressing for a Day at Home

Mother: Do you ever think what are my clothes saying about me? Now that I am retired clothing, most of the time is just something to cover my body. Now don’t get me wrong I am not one of the pajamas at WalMart people, but I am very casual. In the summer and fall, I am more active and seem to be out and about more. A pair of capris and a cute top work well during this time. But late fall and winter I cocoon in the house, and I don’t worry very much about what I am wearing.

I am all for looking good and feeling happy with myself. It doesn’t extend to wearing pants, a shirt and sweater along with one inch high shoes to do housework. Putting on a necklace and earrings is also not going to be happening. And when it comes to makeup I might go a week with nothing but moisturizer on my face.

I do have to say I am going to step it up a notch this winter. Last year daughter and I were selling Lularoe clothing, and much of my winter wear was leggings and oversized shirts. This type of clothing helped contribute to a twenty-pound weight gain. Though I do believe that the candy frenzy I was on from Halloween to Valentine’s Day could have played a small part in the weight gain.

Overall my point is I am a casual dresser most of the time. The only thing that varies in my day to day clothing through the different months is the length of my pants. And in the cooler months, I wear 3/4 length sleeves instead of short sleeves. My thought is if I get cold I can add something.

What got me to thinking about any of this was a blog that I follow. I follow a lot of fashion blogs, actually thought I might go that route at one time. But doing fashion is hard. Getting out of the shower every day and putting on a real outfit along with makeup and jewelry is too much for me. How do you get comfortable? How do you clean your house? Don’t the sleeves on your sweater get in the way?

I can dress with the best when I have somewhere to go, but day to day just hanging around the house doesn’t make me want to do an OOTD. I guess this was why my fashion blogging life was short-lived.  Maybe my clothes are saying I am lazy. Or maybe that I don’t care about my appearance. But if nothing else I am comfortable and don’t worry about my sweater sleeves being in the dishwater.

How about you? Does it make you feel better to get dressed top to toe each day? Or do you keep it very low-key for day to day wear?  I might change my ideas as time goes on but right now it is great not to worry about clothing. I dressed for work and meetings for so many years now not having to worry about clothing each day is a blessing.

Till next time.

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  1. Debbie

    Because I dont wear jeans my casual wear is limited. I wear make- up every day. Right now I wear capri’s and add a sweater. Clothes I would have laughed at 5 years ago. Pj’s at Wal Mart? Nope never happen. Because I don’t wear jeans this time of year is hard for me. I did try on a pair of my daughters leggings . Hum maybe?

  2. I totally know this feeling, Victoria! And I have to say that on the days I’m hanging out at home, I don’t shower, and maybe even don’t put on makeup. But I have tried hard to at least put on “real” clothes. For some reason that makes me feel somewhat productive. (although I may not put on bracelets….) But truly we are all different, and should love that fact.
    ps..the secret to keeping my sleeves out of the dish water? I don’t do dishes….ha ha!!

    • Mother

      I like your idea of no dishes. lol I know I read so often that people feel so much more productive when dressed for the day. It is a good thing everyone is not like me or the clothing industry would be in trouble. lol

  3. I’m a fashion blogger. But I still wear “house” clothes some days. If I don’t have to go out I’ll put on some leggings and sweater and I won’t wear makeup. And that’s ok. Because there’s a difference between old, faded out and stretched clothes and new, cute, comfy house clothes that are bought specially for this purpose. I love long cotton dresses in the summer, breezy & loose and sweater-dresses with leggings in the winter. And it’s wonderful to have makeup free days, much better for your skin!

    Some days, however, I will get fully dressed. If I have to work from home it puts me in the “work” mode and gives me more discipline. Oh and if I’m wearing something nice I’ll think twice about cleaning or doing the dishes and will focus on working.

    • Mother

      I like the name house clothes because that is what they are. I also like the idea of getting dressed to keep you focused on working. I do have a tendency to get off point some days and get any thing accomplished. Thank you for reading.

  4. Since I don’t work during the summer I tend to get lazy and wear shorts and tshirts and bathing suit tops around house. I go makeup free and let the hair go a bit wild but it’s summer and I’m feeling beachy. Now that I’m back to work its back to dressing up, makeup and doing hair. I don’t think you are being lazy just being casual.

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